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In 1989, Roger moved to Seattle with his family joining the litigation team at Riddell Williams. In 1991 Roger began practicing as a King County prosecutor. For the next 24 years, he led Washington State in investigating, charging and convicting the region’s most despicable criminals, trying more than 100 significant cases including aggravated murder, organized crime, and financial fraud.

If you have submitted an insurance claim and you believe you have been unfairly denied, you may have legal rights to pursue payment with the help of an attorney.

Policyholders enter a contractual agreement with their insurance company of choice, in exchange for the peace of mind that they will come through for you when the time comes that you have a legitimate claim. In other words, they will work with you in “good faith.” This isn’t simply good customer service, but a legal obligation.

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Insurance Coverage Denied

Unfortunately, there are instances when insurance companies do not live up to their end of the bargain. A bad faith insurance case can be pursued for various reasons, including if an insurance company does any of the following:

  • Denies that a valid claim is covered under your policy
  • Denies a claim without a reasonable explanation
  • Delays an investigation or payment of a claim
  • Only pays a portion of the benefits of a claim
  • Alters the policy terms without notice

Disability Insurance Attorney

There are a number of additional ways an insurance company can be found to be acting in bad faith. Given the long list of ways they may not be acting in your best interest, consulting with an attorney who has the experience and in-depth expertise in insurance bad faith litigation is absolutely critical.

If you have filed an insurance claim, you have already gone through enough emotional turmoil. If the insurance company is not working with you to pay your claim, it only makes matters worse. You deserve someone on your side who will take on that burden and fight for your legal rights.

A Former Client:

  • “In 2001 my mother, my father, my son and his girlfriend were brutally murdered in our family home. The person responsible for killing my family fought for almost nine years to escape accountability for his crimes, going through three judges and countless court hearings. Roger worked tirelessly throughout to obtain justice for my family’s loss. He was committed to seeing the law work for us and was compassionate, empathetic and patient as he led us through the many complexities of both the legal and mental health systems. Roger’s regard for the fairness of the law is unparalleled. I was witness to his commitment for the rights of the defendant while still seeking justice for my murdered family. I have the greatest respect for Roger’s character, sense of justice, legal skill and work ethic.”

    Lorraine crime victim and surviving family member

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyer

While victims of crime have their day in court by attempting to criminally prosecute the perpetrator(s) to the maximum extent allowed under the law, the results of their actions can also be tried as a tort case in order to retrieve just monetary compensation.

Criminal and tort cases are two distinct forms of legal practices. However, there are also similarities. Both try to identify the wrongdoer(s), act as a deterrent to others, and come to a conclusion that either exonerates or punishes the defendant for their actions. But when the victim feels they have a just reason to seek financial restitution for the harm that came to them, this is where the criminal case ends, and a tort case begins.

Roger Davidheiser spent many years successfully prosecuting high profile criminal cases. He can bring that intimate understanding of criminal law to bear if your criminal case turns into a tort case that seeks restitution for your injuries or loss.

Fighting For You

Roger Davidheiser has spent his entire legal career fighting for the rights of everyday people who may feel they are up against impossible odds. He understands the ins and outs of the insurance industry and how to clearly present the evidence that shows how his clients’ legal rights have been violated.

If you believe you or a loved one has fallen victim to unfair or bad faith insurance practices, you don’t need to feel you are up against impossible odds when seeking justice against the powerful insurance industry. Contact the law offices of Roger Davidheiser to discuss your rights today. Roger will help you understand your rights and maximize your compensation.

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