Significant Economic Harm

When you enter into an agreement with an individual or entity, you have expectations that they will stay true to what they have committed to doing in that agreement. If they don’t honor their contractual obligations, you shouldn’t be left to suffer the consequences.


Insurance Bad Faith

As a policyholder, your insurance company owes you the peace of mind that they will come through for you when you need the insurance policy to perform what is expressed in writing. That contractual obligation applies to both parties, and should not be considered optional should the insurance company feel it can wield its considerable power over an individual.

It’s easy and understandable for a person to feel they are fighting an uphill battle trying to make a massive business entity do what is right. But if you come prepared with the right legal representation, the playing field can be leveled. Roger Davidheiser can help you with your bad faith insurance case, request a no obligation consultation.

Commercial Breach of Contract

There is always a real possibility that any business arrangement between two parties can lead to strong disagreements. Sometimes these differences can be managed and worked out with relative ease. Unfortunately, sometimes there is an overt act that violates a contractual agreement, and the other party simply won’t budge.

Whether you have entered a contractual agreement with an individual or a corporate entity, if they are not owning up to their end of the bargain, you will need an experienced litigator in your corner.

Some of the potential breach of contract issues we can help resolve include:

  • Transactional disputes
  • Aviation contracts
  • Business agreements
  • Employment disputes
  • Fraud and misrepresentation

If you have an agreement with a person, business, or some other entity, and they fail to honor a contract that results in significant economic loss or hardship, you deserve an attorney that has the skill set needed for commercial contract litigation. These disputes are often complex and require someone who understands the nuances of contract law and can use that expertise to represent you and your financial interests.

Roger Davidheiser has built a successful legal career by putting his clients’ interests first. He does so by listening to his clients and understanding their needs and unique circumstances. If you have experienced a significant economic hardship at the hands of another party, Roger will work steadfastly to ensure that your voice will be heard and that the terms of the contract you have entered into will be upheld.

A Former Client:

  • “In 2001 my mother, my father, my son and his girlfriend were brutally murdered in our family home. The person responsible for killing my family fought for almost nine years to escape accountability for his crimes, going through three judges and countless court hearings. Roger worked tirelessly throughout to obtain justice for my family’s loss. He was committed to seeing the law work for us and was compassionate, empathetic and patient as he led us through the many complexities of both the legal and mental health systems. Roger’s regard for the fairness of the law is unparalleled. I was witness to his commitment for the rights of the defendant while still seeking justice for my murdered family. I have the greatest respect for Roger’s character, sense of justice, legal skill and work ethic.”

    Lorraine crime victim and surviving family member

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