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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attributes traumatic brain injury (TBI) to 30 percent of all injury-related deaths. Every day, 138 Americans die as a result of injuries that include TBI. If you are fortunate enough to survive your injuries, you may face short-term or even potentially lifelong health issues.

A traumatic brain injury is any head trauma that disrupts normal brain function. While not all blows to the head result in injury, it is also true that when they occur the severity of those injuries isn’t always detected in the immediate aftermath. That means if you suffer a head injury, it is important to take it seriously and seek immediate medical attention.

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How a Head Injury Claim Must be Proven

To file a head injury lawsuit, the plaintiff has to have suffered trauma due to another person’s or entity’s negligence. This may be the result of a traffic collision, on-the-job injuries, slip and falls, or in the care of a medical facility, among other possibilities.

If the basic criteria for a head injury claim is met and a claim is pursued, an attorney must prove the following to show that the the accused was negligent:

Duty of Care 

In other words, the defendant had a legal duty to exercise a reasonable level of care to prevent the harm that occurred.

Breach of Duty 

Once the duty of care is established, your attorney must show that the defendant breached that duty.


 Next, your attorney must prove that the defendant’s negligence is what caused the head injuries, or any other injuries or harm that is included in the case.


*The attorney must prove their client was harmed or injured as a result of the defendant’s actions.

If you have indeed suffered a head injury

If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have legal recourse to recover compensation for those injuries. Attorney Roger Davidheiser understands the impact these injuries can have on people’s lives. Just as importantly, he understands how those injuries should be compensated for and how to construct a case that will win his clients their justified compensation.

If you have experienced head trauma, your first course of action should be to seek medical attention. But remember that you have the legal right to be compensated when your life has been impacted by an injury caused by someone else’s negligence. If you are looking for a traumatic brain injury attorney in Seattle Wa then look no further. 

*Note: Damages are not restricted to financial harm. Yes, a plaintiff can seek restitution for medical expenses and lost wages. But a claim can also include pain and suffering, and the inability to take part in certain activities.

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